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About the Pastry Chefs

Jerry Lanzerotti, Sr., worked alongside his father, Anthony Lanzerotti in several Brooklyn, NY pastry shops.  He also served as a baker in the Army and after his discharge, Jerry and his brothers, Joseph and Anthony, worked together with their dad.  The Lanzerotti family was fortunate to have a long line of bakers in their family who we re great teachers.  In fact, many of their recipes are from Grandpa Anthony’s home town of Catania, Sicily, where the family emigrated from in 1913.

For the past 65 years, the Lanzerotti Family has owned and operated The Lyndhurst Pastry Shop, home of the finest Italian pastries and ices in the tri state area.

Our family recipes, crafted from the finest ingredients, have earned a reputation that speaks for itself, and we invite you to make them part of your family tradition.